The experience

It's an audiovisual 3D experience for virtual reality, based on the software "Lumicles" developed by Federico Marino, in collaboration with Esteban Gonzalez who created the sound composition which goes with the image.

The experience involves a simulation of millions of colored particles in motion that suround the user in a combination of a virtually infinity number of scenes.

The final result exposes the concept of emergence where a set of simple low level rules, create high level complexity. In this case, the motion of each particle is computed independently from a simple programming code (GLSL Shader). Nevertheless, as the simulation develops, patterns and complex structures emerge.

The user can navigate in three dimensions, in a cloud of particles whose movements respond to force fields described mathematically with shaders (programs that run on the GPU). The generative visuals evolve in time and depend on the global parameters that the user controls through a gamepad.

Accompanying the image, a 3D sound composition of patterns and semi-determined elements, which need the user decisions to be completed. It allows each path to created a unique sound experience in real-time.

The motion of the particles, the position in space and the reactivity of the multiple sounds specifically designed, feed the parameters of the simulation and the sensors track the position and orientation of the user in virtual reality, creating the feeling of distance and direction of the sound sources within the 3D space.

The application was developed on the web platform, useso Javascript, Three.js, WebGL & WebVR. It makes an intensive use of the graphics processor to simulation up to 4 millon particles in real time and requires an Oculus Virtual Reality Headset.




Federico Marino

He is a computer science engineer (Univ. of Buenos Aires), independent software developer at Ideamatic, visual artist and teacher of computer graphics at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires.

He is specialized in the development of 3D apps and he is interested on experimenting new ways to combine art and technology. In his blog many projects that explore the use of software to generate images in real time and generative art can be found.

In 2017 he participated in "The Wrong" Digital Art Bienal, where he was in charge of the software development and 3D models editing for the virtual pavilion The Mutant Club curated by Enrique Salmoiragui and in collaboration of many artists.

In 2015 he participated on the event “Game On! - El Arte en Juego” where he presented the experimental video-game "Leap Tower" and he also took part of the virtual exhibition “Automatic-0” at Espacio Byte where he presented the generative project “Web Mecano”.

Esteban Gonzalez

An integral multifaceted argentinian artist, researcher and performer, innovative luthier for renowned argentinian musicians. He works with technology applied to art and music for various projects comming together into luthery, experimentation and sound art as part of a unique speech, his works are based on the study of the spaces and acoustic phenomena, questioning the technology and its obsolescence through objects manipulated in real-time, the sound metaphor expressed on his active perfomatic action.

Tireless seeker of new ways of creation, he entered the vast universe of electro-acoustic production with new technologies as an extension of his trajectory in the world of luthery. He started creating sounds from wood through his guitars, following with a handcrafted work, he continued the search for sound by electronic media with a singular touch.

Many of his works integrate improvisation and real-rime composition with electro-acoustic sound processing and the modes of perception of sound. Stand out among them "Proyecto Tanque", "El discurso acumulado", "la Orquesta de destrucción Sonora", "Simulaciones" and his duet project Gonzalez + Molina with the visual artist Fernando Molina.
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Images gallery

The following are some of the infinite scenes that can be generated with the Lumicles VR software

The exhibition

In the context of the 2018 National Art y Technology Contest organized by National Arts Fund, the project will be on exhibition in the Digital Art and Sound Space at the 5th floor of Centro Cultural Kirchner, room 512, located at Sarmiento 151, Buenos Aires.

The exhibition can be visited from September 6th to December 8th, 2019 from from 1 pm to 8 pm, from wednesdays to sundays.

More information of the exhbition

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